Lady Justice (Tingey Injury Law Firm, via Unsplash)

Clockwise from left: Larry Walters in flight, after the flight and his flight plan (Images: Google, KTLA-TV)

Clockwise from top left: George H.W. Bush as a naval aviator; Bush’s presidential portrait; son George W. Bush and family board for “Special Air Mission 41”; and the plane on the tarmac before the funeral flights began (Photos: George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, White House, U.S. Air Force)
Clockwise from left: Smoke engulfs the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor; and samples of airman ID cards from the World War II and Korean War years. (Photos: Wikipedia, eBay)

Clockwise from top left: A Time magazine cover about skyjacking; infamous “parajacker” D.B. Cooper; a hijacker holds a gun to the head of TWA pilot John Testrake; and a courier delivers ransom to a hijacked plane.
Actress Amanda Barker (right) played an FAA official on “Designated Survivor.” In her scene, she meets with the White House officials played by Kal Penn (left) and Paulo Costanzo to discuss “the bee guy.” (Screenshot: ABC)

K. Daniel Glover

West Virginia native. Homeschool and adoption advocate. Drone pilot at Airscape Photography. Views here are mine alone.

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